Private showcase parties now available!

Are you looking for a fun reason for a get together? Have you ever wanted to get all of your friends together just to talk about intimacy or toys? Are you interested in some guidance on different types of toys and accessories and how to best use them with yourself and partners? Shameless has the goods and we would love to share them with you! We will talk about material and ingredient quality and safety and showcase our wide variety of items. We will exhibit the different items and all of their features and you will be welcome to touch, squeeze, and push buttons and ask any questions. Our goal with these events is to have fun and sell you beautiful toys, but also to curate a comfortable space to discuss intimate topics and desires and help folks really understand the different options and tools that are out there. We hope to help you understand exactly what you might be looking for while also having a fun time with your friends!

Party services include:

  • Showcase of dildos, vibrators, toys for penises, tools for kink play, and a variety of other toys and accessories

  • Presentation on materials, safety, and how-to’s as well as open Q&A

  • A fun, comfortable environment to be in conversation with your close friends about sex and sexuality

  • Select discounts based on your party’s needs and size

Please contact us for a consultation and for party rates and any further information!